Story Board Example

A Bible Story from John 21 - Peter Goes Fishing (Again)

  • At the Passover Jesus had told his disciples to meet Him in Galilee after He had raised from the dead. Matt 26:32

  • An angel told the women who came to the tomb “Tell the disciples and Peter that Jesus will meet you in Galilee. Mark 16:7

  • Now after Jesus had been resurrected Peter, John, James, Thomas, Nathaniel and 2 other disciples went to Galilee, to the Sea of Galilee.

  • I’m going fishing, we will go too.

  • They fished all night from a boat but caught nothing

  • As the sun was coming up a man on the shore called out children do you have any food - have you caught anything?

  • Try again by casting your nets onto the right side of the boat.

  • They did so and their nets were filled.

  • John – it’s the Lord! Peter put on his robe and jumped into the water

  • Breakfast was ready, grilled fish and fresh bread – bring more fish

  • Peter helped bring in the catch of 153 fish

  • After breakfast Jesus said to Peter “Simon do you love me more than these others do?” 3xs

  • Feed my lambs, feed my sheep, feed my sheep.

  • Finally, Peter said Lord you know all things – you know that I love you! Jesus indicated to Peter how he would die.

  • Peter asked Jesus what about John?

  • Jesus said don’t worry about him.

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